Ultrasound Training Solutions today – a great course

I attended the UTS 1st  Trimester Obstetric Ultrasound course today, part of their one day quick start courses.


This was a great course with 1:5 instructor:student ratio for the practice sessions and three seperate practical sessions of scanning early pregnancy volunteers, which worked out to scanning 5 different womens pregnancies today, all at slightly different stages of the 1st trimester.

Having had on the job exposure and teaching from other doctors and having a bit of scanning under my belt it was still invaluable to have the sonography approach and to fine tune the image optimisation.  Our POCUS approach is to answer one question and often we stop with whatever image or window gives us this.  Todays session encourages me to bring more craft and skill development to POCUS to get the best possible image possible.

There was a large variety of machines to use as well – GE V2, GE Venue, Sonosite M-Turbo, Sonosite Edge, Claris and Lumify.  This was very useful as I think it solidified for me I prefer real buttons to a touch screen interface.  I appreciate that ability to rest fingers on that tactile button and freeze without having to glance at the touch screen and see where the touch screen button is.   The exposure to divers machines was also great as it reinforced the machine I use now the GE V2 is excellent and I am not lacking anything with it.

hands on with the Philips Lumify

Overall an excellent session and strongly recommended.  I will be back for more sessions with UTS.


Author: gppocus

Urban general practioner in Melbourne, Australia

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